How I began my hot-dog empire!


Here is the deal . . . I had a pretty crappy job, I hated having a desk-job, and not making enough money to support my family. Whatever your story, like you I wanted more. And the one thing I was sure of was this: I wasn’t happy.


There was a time I jumped from business opportunity to opportunity, looking for the right off-ramp from my crappy no-pay life. I settled on a genius idea: I would purchase items from the flea market and sell them on Craiglist and other online marketplaces for a higher price. I had a good sense for quality and understanding of what people are looking for. So I headed off to the flea market the very next week, only to be completely over-whelmed!


What was I supposed to buy? After circling around the market a few times, I couldn’t really decide what my ‘niche market’ would be. I needed a little more research.  And on my way home, I grabbed a delicious hotdog from a cart next to the flea market.

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.’

Henry David thoreau


At home, I started brainstorming. I did not want to go back to that flea market, unless maybe for that hotdog! It was while I was thinking about that delicious hotdog that I had the idea. I’d make a new product! A Bacon Dog! It just made a lot of sense. Americans loved bacon and they loved the hotdogs, and they would just kill for a combo of the two!


I decided to pay the flea market hotdog vendor a visit and I pitched my idea to him. I knew it was a big risk to openly talk about my genius with a stranger, but I needed some advice. So we got to talking.

He first pointed out to me that to start, market and manufacture a new food product would cost millions! “Why not start with a hot-dog cart?” he asked. I was hesitant, to say the least. After all, no one wants their dreams (however crazy) to be crushed.


When he pointed out to me that he made $500-$1000 a day — and that his total startup cost could be paid for with not much more than one day’s work, I was stunned.  Low risk, low startup cost, high profits. Whenever I mustered or stammered some possible objection, he would simply repeat himself.



Low risk, low startup cost, high profits.


But it was just a hotdog cart! Could it really be that simple? And that’s when every little quote on simplicity and getting back to the basics started popping in my head. Today, I make good money without having to conform to the ‘technological demands’ that everyone keeps talking about. And I provide a basic, inexpensive – and HIGHLY PROFITABLE – service …… that EVERYONE needs!

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