Big money hot-dog business locations!


Why I love Industrial Parks!

Most people clamor for the down-town areas of the city center. And while these could be lucrative, there also tends to be lots of competition, and licensing can also be stringent and expensive. That’s why I prefer suburban industrial parks. Why?

ØLarge Hidden Population: You may not realize it, but an industrial park with 20 businesses might have 100 employees each. That’s 2000 potential customers! These business parks tend to be hidden out of the way, so many vendors never think of them.


ØHigh Dollars per Hour: Let’s not mince words. We’re here to make money. And no one wants to stand around for eight hours and have only two hours worth of serious business. And that’s why I like industrial parks. You know just when the hordes of people will coming running to your cart to eat. At lunch-time! No need to waste your time wondering when business will come. Go there from roughly 11-1pm. (You can figure out their exact schedule from a few days experience). You will get a crazy steady stream of people during set, limited hours – and you may wall make your $500 a day in just two hours! $250 an hour? My heart surgeon barely makes that!


ØCaptive Audience: Your customers are stuck out in the middle of an industrial park at lunch hour. Sure they could drive 10 minutes each way to a restaurant, but with a 30 minute lunch hour, and 20 minutes of round-trip driving, that would leave them only 10 minutes to eat lunch. Sound awful. And they know it. So they would much prefer to relax and have food offered on site. This is where you come in! You are offering convenience and smile and they are lined-up throwing their dollars at you!


ØLess Competition: there is much less competition here than in the city center. Why? There are multiple industrial parks, many hidden out of the way. Sure there might even be another food vendor, but with hundreds of potential clients, there is still no real issue. Much better to compete with one or two other vendors and 80!


ØLess Regulation: there tends to be very little licensing regulation for serving at industrial parks. Well, far less than is involved in working city centers.


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