Fast and Easy Money Myth . . .


There is NO Free Lunch . . .

My dad used to always say this to me . . . and now I know what he means.

We are not pushing the fast and easy money myth here. We are talking a real business, with real work, real effort  . . . and, in the end,  . . . real money.

Stay in it for the long-haul and have the mentality of a long-distance runner.

At times, it can take weeks or even up to a month or two to find the right location, and the only way to find it is through hard work. A lot of hard work. There is nothing that can align your stars the way hard work can.


Why am I telling you all this? I want you to prepare yourself for the hiccups. Know that you will come across times when a catering gig may run longer than you had expected, you may face difficulty collecting payments after a private party or you may have days when you just don’t want to open shop.


All this is as natural as the daylight that shines on us every day. The idea is to keep going at it, to keep on working hard and to stay disciplined. Motivation will push you on through.


The fact is, an athlete running a marathon will get tired, will get thirsty, he might even have difficulty getting water, might fall, feel weak and lag behind. But the only way the athlete can make it to the finish line is to keep on running. And no, there is no reason why he can’t sit down and enjoy the sunset every now and then, only to get up one more time and to keep on going. 


Make sure you remain focused and constantly try to learn new things, new tactics and news to add value to your life and your business. The more defined your goals are and the more focused you are on them, the more small will almost seem insignificant.


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