Go Big, or Go Home! ( Can You Handle Multiple Carts?)


The Secret of scalability! Multiply your success x10, or x100, or x1000!

You already have a good thing going on. You are earning more money in a quarter or even a month than you did in an entire year! Life’s good. You don’t even need to go any further. But that’s life. You are already moving forward, as that’s the only way to go. But I am not here to give you advice on life, I am here to tell you about foolproof ideas on how to make the most of it.


As a cart owner, you will always be on the lookout for better locations, more business prospects. And every now and then, you’d be tempted to relocate your cart from the already lucrative spot and move on to new scenario, newer faces and perhaps bigger profits.


But that’s a bet that you’d rather not take. I am not asking you to play it safe, I am simply asking you to play it BIG, BIGGER and then eventually….well you get the deal. Don’t give up on your current spot. I want you to get another cart.


You know the drill, the licenses, inspections, distributors, commissaries, insider tricks and the perfect formula for success.  You have been through it before, you just need to duplicate it. But before that, you need to find someone reliable and competent enough to generate the same kinds of sales and offer similar dedication to work. And even before that, you need to be a good manager.


Leadership requires understanding, management skills and more than that a diplomatic approach to tackle your employees.