Hot-dog business is a lot like real estate: location, location , location.



Top location ideas for top earnings:


üChoose a location that has a lot of foot traffic and is spacious enough to make room for the cart, yourself and of course a line of customers.


üMake sure the location of your choice is easily accessible and visible.


üTry out a few locations to test the waters.


üPublic vending is free and only requires a permit.  Areas like city streets, golf courses, sidewalks, school district property, churches and flea markets all make up public vending.


üPrivate vending offers exclusivity but you may need to pay a rent.


üFestivals, carnivals and special events are very lucrative and can generate hefty profits in a single day or night.


üSpecial events require special training and you may also need to hire helpers.


üYou can go for a mix of special events and public and/or private vending to keep it interesting and generate higher profits.


üCatering is also a great option. You can cater to special occasions like grand openings and birthday parties. The biggest advantage of catering is that you already have a good idea of how much money you will be earning in a single day or event.


üYou can also offer services like magic shows, clowns and bouncing castles and charge extra. All you need to do is hire the services yourself and offer them to the guests for extra cost. The clients would be pleased by the convenience and would refer you to their friends and family.


üNight Clubs and Industrial Parks are great options. They offer and eager and willing crowd and low competition. These are some of my favorite and most lucrative venues.