Hot-dog carts: keeping start-up costs low. Part #2


So where do you find used carts?

EBAY: You will definitely find good used carts on ebay. Study the market a bit and find out just what they are selling for on ebay. Read the listings closely to be sure what is included. Find out if the cart is fully functional, that is, operational. Ebay, of course, is a national and international market. Still, in my view, for a good deal, it would be worth driving 1-5 hours away -to another state even- to get a good deal on a good used cart

CRAIGSLIST: This online classified market place will also have used carts. And like ebay, don’t limit your search to just your area. Expand to a national search to find the best available options for your needs.

LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS: With a smaller search area there will be less options, but it is certainly worth exploring.

CHURCHES/SCHOOL: Many churches and schools may have purchased a hotdog cart at one time for a fair, carnival or fund-raiser – and they simply no longer use it. This will take the extra-effort of calling around, and lots of ‘no, sorry”. But if you find one, you will likely get a great deal!

(Used) RESTAURANT DEALERS: These guys know what things are worth. It’s their business. So you might not get a great deal, but you’ll likely get a fair deal. Moreover, they likely either have a used hotdog cart or they can get you one.

SCRAP METAL YARD: Again, I was lucky. So, I consider this a bit of a long-shot, but it is worth a try. I think if you were looking for a very extended period of time, it is more likely you will find one super-cheap. But, again, please keep in mind lost opportunity cost from not having a cart.

We will cover what to look for in a good used cart in an ‘up-coming’ post. Of course, if you can’t wait — all of these details and more are in our tell-all course “Hot Dog Carting Cash”.


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