Standout : Be Unique, Be Yourself

hotdog history


Do you know who served the first hot dog?

Who created it? Or who were the first god blessed people who created the hot dog or the frankfurter? It turns out, German immigrants are believed to be the first people to serve sauerkraut from pushcarts during the 1860s in New York City’s Bowery.


This little piece of information adds so much to the personality of a hot dog. Surely next time you eat a hot dog, you’d probably think about the Germans, or more likely thank the Germans. The fact is, as humans, we are always trying to find connections and links that bind us together. For me, hotdogs remind me of my childhood days. My dad would make hotdogs every time he took my brother and me for camping, so for me, hotdogs mean camping.


I have a small picture of my dad making hot dogs for us on my cart. And even today, my regular customers ask about how my dad is doing. For them, my hotdogs mean more than just meat and bun, for them too it has become an association. I think you know what I am getting at. People want experiences and they want connections.


You don’t necessarily need a story to get you going. So if there is no hotdog association, don’t create it. Believe me there is nothing worse than a made up story that needs to be constantly revised. Let your personality shine. If you like football, then brand yourself accordingly. You can offer deals during the NFL season or the World Cup, and before you know it, the only thing people would remember before every football game would be the television and your hotdogs.